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Firefox 3.6.4 Beta 3 Released

By • May 5th, 2010 • Filed under: Firefox, Open-Source

Mozilla has just released a security and stability update to Firefox 3.6.x. Firefox 3.6.4 beta 3 fixes 182 bugs, 20 are considered critical, in previous Firefox 3.6.x builds, across all supported platforms, Ubuntu Lucid included. The update package is already available via Firefox’s update manager for Firefox 3.6.x users – you can also download the […]

Upgrade your Firefox ‘Lorentz’ to Firefox 3.6.4

By • Apr 17th, 2010 • Filed under: Firefox, Open-Source, Ubuntu, Windows

If you couldn’t resist testing the first ever Firefox (Firefox 3.6.3 ‘Lorentz’ ) that runs plug-ins in separate processes, then its time for you to upgrade to Firefox 3.6.4 beta that like Firefox 3.6.3 provides “uninterrupted browsing for Windows and Linux users when there is a crash in the Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft […]

Firefox 3.6.3 ‘Lorentz’ Runs Plug-ins in Separate Processes

By • Apr 9th, 2010 • Filed under: Firefox, Open-Source, Ubuntu, Windows

The bottom-line is when the Flash plug-in crashes or hangs, (in Linux it does so often), it won’t bring down your Firefox browser anymore. Firefox 3.6.3 codenamed Lorentz handles Adobe Flash plug-in like Google Chrome browser. YouTube fans, download and try this experimental beta release, you’ll quickly notice the difference – when flash goes down, […]

Firefox 3.6.3 Patches Pwn2Own Security Flaw

By • Apr 2nd, 2010 • Filed under: Firefox, Open-Source, Security, Ubuntu, Windows

Mozilla has released a Firefox update that patches a security vulnerability in Firefox 3.6.2 web browser. This vulnerability was discovered and exploited during the Pwn2Own competition that challenges hackers to break the latest versions of the most popular web browsers – Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7, and Safari on Mac OS X, […]

Use About:Support to Locate and Backup your Firefox Profile [Firefox 3.6]

By • Jan 25th, 2010 • Filed under: Firefox, Open-Source, Ubuntu, Windows

Windows, Linux, Mac: There is a time to reap and a time to sow – there is a time to back-up your personal Firefox settings such as bookmarks, extensions, passwords. Mozilla Firefox stores them in a profile folder on your computer, in a separate location from the Firefox program. Backing up your profile is easy; […]