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Desktop Notifications in Chrome via Extensions

By • May 29th, 2010 • Filed under: Open-Source, Ubuntu, Windows

Desktop notifications are deployed to notify users that something important has happened in the “background”. Desktop notifications are now available to extensions in Chrome 5, which means developers can start using the notifications API in their extensions to deliver non-modal messages from web sites. Notifications from an extension have no permission prompts or infobar warnings.

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

By • May 25th, 2010 • Filed under: Browsers, Firefox

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser add-on for Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3.5+ and Chrome 4+ disables Google Analytic tracking service and prevents it from sending personal information to Google Analytics. Google Analytics tracking script is a free service that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. Its by far the most popular free service […]

Google Chrome for Linux finally goes Stable

By • May 25th, 2010 • Filed under: Open-Source, Ubuntu

The first stable version of Google Chrome for Linux has been released. Since the initial beta release of Google Chrome for Linux, back in December 2009, several upgrades have been to the beta. Newly released Google Chrome Stable for Linux, v.5.0.375.55, boast improved plug-in support, extensions functionality, and desktop integration. It also includes support for […]

Drag ‘n’ Drop images into Gmail Messages

By • May 12th, 2010 • Filed under: Email, Web Utilities

Gmail has launched a new feature that permits you to drag messages from your computer directly into a Gmail message. Drag, resize it if you want and send the image, so simple a process, no more dialogs to select images as an attachment. This features works only on the Google Chrome web browser, it will […]

Force Chrome, Firefox and Opera Web Browsers to start in Private Browsing Mode [Ubuntu/Linux]

By • May 12th, 2010 • Filed under: Firefox, Open-Source, Ubuntu

To force your web browser to start in the “track-free mode”, colloquially known as “porn mode”, or private browsing mode, use the command-line to launch the browser with a simple command-line switch.