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Google Docs Without a Google Account

Google Docs

You can now try Google Docs even when you don’t have a Google account, and do not want to create one. Just go to the new Google Docs Demo, it includes the ability to create documents, spreadsheets, and drawings. Documents can be shared with others by posting the link, they can’t saved to a local hard disk but can be printed. Documents are only available for 24 hours from the time they are created. Google Docs Demo is not a full fleshed Google Docs.

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Google Wave Now Open to ALL

Google Wave

Google’s Lars Rasmussen announced yesterday at Google I/O developer conference that Google Wave is now open to everyone, it no longer requires an invitation. If you have a Google account, simply visit wave.google.com to wave.

“Anyone on a wave can edit or reply to any section, keeping discussion in context with relevant content. Everyone’s typing shows up instantly, and Google Wave lets new participants get up to speed quickly with organized discussions and playback to see how a wave evolved.”

Google Wave is also available in Google Apps, businesses, and organizations now have an extra communication tool.

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ReclaimPrivacy Bookmarklet, A Facebook Privacy Scanner

Facebook Privacy Scanner

If you’ve gotten yourself entangled in Facebooks privacy traps and seriously want to know those privacy settings have to be disabled but are currently enabled on your Facebook account, then use this handy bookmarklet from ReclaimPrivacy.org More»

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Linux users need a Microsoft Office license to use Office Web Apps

Microsoft Office Web Apps

Unbelievable but true, Tim Anderson’s ITWriting after a conversation with Jeff Teper (Microsoft’s Corporate VP of the Office Business Platform) reports on his blog that Linux fanbois that want to run Microsoft Office’s Web Apps will need a Microsoft Office license even though the MS Office desktop suite doesn’t run on Linux desktops. More»

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Drag ‘n’ Drop images into Gmail Messages

Drag 'n' Drop images into Gmail Messages

Gmail has launched a new feature that permits you to drag messages from your computer directly into a Gmail message. Drag, resize it if you want and send the image, so simple a process, no more dialogs to select images as an attachment. This features works only on the Google Chrome web browser, it will soon be extended to other web browsers.
via [Gmail Blog]

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