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Facebook Keyboard Navigation: Browse Facebook with Keyboard Strokes

By • Oct 13th, 2009 • Filed under: Browsers, Firefox, Open-Source

Regular Facebook users can use the Facebook Keyboard Navigation user script to quickly navigate around Facebook using the keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts generally speed up common browsing operations — just like in this case, so you’ll find it quicker to hit “I” to jump into your Facebook Inbox, “M” to send a message, “T” to get […]

Greased LightBox User Script and Firefox Extension Enhances Browsing on Image Websites

By • Oct 3rd, 2009 • Filed under: Browsers, Firefox, Ubuntu, Windows

Window, Mac, Linux: The famous Greasemonkey user script Greased Lightbox has been compiled to a Firefox extension for Firefox 2, 3 and higher – but preserves its name and functions. Greased Lightbox Firefox extension like the user script enhances browsing on image web sites like Google Images, Flickr, MySpace, deviantART, and more. To try it, […]

Adapting Greasemonkey UserScripts for Opera Browser

By • Sep 21st, 2009 • Filed under: Opera-Browser, Ubuntu

For Windows, Linux and Mac: I’m still trying to get the best out of my Opera 10 browser, cause i think its worth the pain :). Opera 10 is fast and stable on my Ubuntu 9.04 and there are times I prefer it to Firefox. Opera like Firefox can use scripts and setting-up scripts in […]

‘Greasemonkey Scripts for Google Search’ Replaces Google Homepage Logo with a Google Doodle

By • Sep 18th, 2009 • Filed under: Firefox, Open-Source, Ubuntu, Windows

Use a Greasemonkey script konwn as “Greasemonkey Scripts for Google Search” to personalize Google’s homepage and replace the traditional logo with a doodle of your choice. With the Greasemonkey script installed you’ll still see a new Google Doodle whenever one comes up. Your favorite doodle will be replaced by the new Google doodle of day.