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Mac4Lin: Mac Looks for Linux

Mac4Lin reaches version 1.0: With Mac4Lin you can obtain the cute Mac looks on your Gnome and Xfce Desktop Environments with an almost completely automated installation.

Mac4Lin 1.0 Features:

Fully supports GNOME 2.26 and backwards compatible
Improved support for GlobalMenu, support integrated in the default GTK theme
Better native Xfce support
Integrates well with Globus
Metacity theme now supports different button sizes
Firefox 3 themes are now updated
Songbird plugins included
Pidgin AWN 64bit plugin now included
GDM theme is now in-line with Mac OS X login window
Cairo dock is the default recommended dock

Hit the download link and read through all the new features and fixes Mac4Lin 1.0 comes with. Screenshots are also available on the authors webpage.
Download Mac4Linversion 1.0

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Download and Install Amarok 2.1 Nuliajuk Beta 1

Amarok 2.1

Amarok 2.1 beta 1 paves the way for a more stable and more featured Amarok 2.1. The release notes talk of the re-appearance of old goodies alongside new ones like; cue sheet (a text file that details the layout of tracks on a compact disc) support as in Amarok 1.4, an easy to use drag ‘n’ drop playlist, bookmarks that permit you to save and share your favourite findings, fastening up the re-load of heavy playlist, and of course a better User Interface. More»

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Downloadable gOS Theme for your Ubuntu

Just whipping out Blubuntu for another well polished theme. This article is not about making Ubuntu look like gOS. It’s simply about giving Ubuntu the cool and sober gOS look. No tweaking needed. Just a simple and direct install that starts with downloading the theme and icon packages. Then the straight-forward install System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Install, then move to your downloaded packages.

That’s enough to get what you’ve see on the screenshots. More»

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Flegita: Gnome Scan – A Simple Scanning Alternative to XSane

Ubuntu: Before getting too frustrated with XSane, the in-built graphical front-end of SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) why not try Flegita, also called Gnome Scan. Originally launched as a proof of concept during the 2006 Google Summer of Code, Gnome Scan has no real back-end support, but its a good alternative to the XSane UI (User Interface) — it is fast and provides just a single window as UI for your home or office scanners and is intuitive enough for dummies. [See Sceenshot] – Moreover it also integrates in other apps like the GIMP Image Editor. More»

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Enrich your Pen Drive with Infodometic Objects – Portable and no-install set of Applications for Linux and BSD platforms

InfoDomestic Objects are light-weight, portable, no-install applications for Linux and BSD platforms. You’ll find several must-have portable applications for your pendrive like ioFilezilla, ioSwiftFox, ioSongbird, ioWine, ioPidgin, ioOpenOffice, ioGimp, ioAmule etc.
After downloading your desired application, just do More»

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