VEVO is a YouTube Powered Video Site Devoted Exclusively to Music


If you are one of the millions of people who visit YouTube each day to watch clips of your favourite music stars like Jay Z or Norah Jones or to discover new ones, then Google has you in mind – it has created a new website called VEVO dot com that is devoted exclusively to music. More»

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YouTube to get 1080p HD Videos Next Week


The notice that YouTube will get support for watching 1080p HD video next week comes straight from the horse’s mouth. As of now YouTube’s HD mode for viewing video was max 720p, those who have submitted Full HD video will have their video re-encoded to the better mode.
YouTube also intends to put awesome video uploaded by you to its homepage – in a future spotlight. via [YouTube Blog] ~ 1080p HD Is Coming to YouTube

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Install SopCast Player in Ubuntu 9.10 from Repository

SopCast Player

SopCast Player makes use of the P2P(Peer-to-Peer) technology to bring live streaming video and audio to your Ubuntu. Getting it installed on Ubuntu 9.04 was rather tricky: How to Setup P2P Tv with gtk-SopCast on Ubuntu 9.04 , but that was then. More»

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XBMC Media Center 9.11 Codenamed Camelot – Alpha1 out

For Windows, Mac and Linux: An early version of the popular open source media center XBMC 9.11 has been released. XBMC 9.11 codenamed “Camelot” Alpha 1 is the first official testing release of this overhauled (code-wise) version. More»

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[b²] Animated Gmail Notifier Based On Adobe AIR

[b2] Gmail Notifier

[b²] Gmail Notifier is an Adobe AIR based application that alerts you of incoming Gmail messages with cool and funny splash animations. The notifier packs-up four different animations, you’ll find in them in the “Settings” dialog; Right-click on the Gmail icon on your notifications bar and hit “Options” -> Animations tab. It seems more animations will soon be present on the authors website — use the “Get more” and “Install Animation…” buttons to add available extensions. More»

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