Miro 3.0 adds Subtitles and Video Converter

Miro 3.0

The open source cross-platform Internet TV, Miro, has been updated to version 3.0 – with many new entry features like subtitles, that users can select from the drop down menu or load their own external subtitle files, higher max volume 2x/3x, play-externally right-click menu. Miro 3.0 is also faster than previous version, its said to be over 150% faster. More»

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Blazing fast Opera 10.50 Alpha for Unix

Opera 10.50 Alpha for Unix

The Opera development team has released another development snapshot of Opera 10.50 browser for Unix/Linux. Opera “10.5 alpha showcases the latest technologies that will be available in” the “next major release”. This build contains many improvements, bug fixes and several known issues too; font problems, command line option problems, compiz issues, language input issues and many more. More»

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New tab and Tab Tear Off animations for Firefox 4

Mozilla’s Stephen Horlander that showed us some iterations of Windows design mock-ups for Firefox 4 has posted again on his personal blog a couple of animations showing what might be tab-tasks in still-to-come Firefox 4.

The goals of these animations as Stephen puts it, is to give a visual clue to the functions of Tabs. The animation posted here simply shows how adding a new tab is will be an animated task.

For more details and Tab tearing animations with affordance move to Stephen blog.

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OpenShot Video Editor 1.0 now Processes HD 720p Videos

The first stable version of OpenShot Video Editor has been released. OpenShot is a free and open source application for Linux distributions that makes video editing quite easy. OpenShot 1.0 comes with several bug fixes, a shiny new graphics and many new features that add to the many previous features like; Video encoding based on FFmpeg, Gnome integration (drag and drop support), drag and drop timeline, support for many video, audio, and image formats (based on FFmpeg) – just to mention a few. More»

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Ubuntu Release Schedule Video

A short video that explains the Ubuntu release schedule and life cycle;

– The Ubuntu Desktop and Server are released every six months and each release is supported for 18 months.
– An LTS (Long Term Support) version of the Ubuntu Desktop and Server is produced every 2 years, the Ubuntu Desktop gets a 3 years support while the LTS Server release gets a five years support.
– The official name of an Ubuntu release uses the year and month of the release as the version number.
– Ubuntu code names use an adjective and animal with the same first letter – codes names are in alphabetical order.

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