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McAfee’s Top Five Riskiest Country Domains

Better watch out for this country domains, according to McAfee they are the riskiest country domains online for 2009. Cameroon takes the lead, it seems the dot cm (.cm) used by this West African nation attracts cyber-criminals who setup fake typo sites with the aim of capitalizing on .cm which is a common typo for .com.
One in three .cm domains harbour malware.

“Cybercriminals target regions where registering sites is cheap and convenient, and pose the least risk of being caught.” More»

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Ndomche Summary Theme released – A free theme for WordPress 2.5

Ndomche Summary Theme is a CSS styling theme that is built on WordPress 2.5 that you can style to your taste. If you have not yet upgraded to WordPress 2.5, you are advised to do so before using this theme.

– With this theme your Gravatars would show up without any further customization.

– This grid-based theme is consider the need to have non-obstructive ads on your blog and seeks to ease navigation.

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Make client-side blogging easier with Thingamablog


Thingamablog is an open source cross-platform blogging application that helps you publish, update and maintain more than one blog at a time from the client side.

All you need to get started is, locally installed Java Runtime Environment, a Web Server, and the rpm package of Thingamablog for Linux to transform it into a .deb package in Ubuntu – Also available are the Windows self-extracting installer, and source code.

You should be asking, what about Mysql and an Ftp client? These are not needed as Thingamablog as functions as a Ftp client when you update or publish; and being a client side blogging application is does not need Mysql.

The author of this page says the major drawback is that being a client side application, the files on the server side aren’t rewritable, so visitors can’t leave comments – a possible solution offered is using a free commenting service like HaloScan, or recoding it to permit commenting on the server side

But comments on the site say, the development team does not pays attention to bug reports, worst still the development process seems closed – strange enough for an open source project and on Linux, the wizards render it less practicable.
In other words Thingamblog has a potential and could become a good client side blogging application, but for now a lot still has to be done.

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Get to know who is Hosting your favourite Weblog

Whoever has a site or blog knows that choosing a web hosting service is a serious task. Many at first sight seem to “have it all” but turn out to be inefficient. We get spammed daily by so called – advantageous web hosting proposals, that often turn-out into nightmares.

This free web service does not give you a solution to any of the above mentioned issues.

Since the cautious often get advise before investing their time and monies into a web service, this web service simply lets you know who is hosting your preferred weblog or site, so you too, if interested could take into consideration that web hosting service if you need one.

Who is Hosting This

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Movable Type su Web Hosting Aruba linux

Installare Sixapart Movable Type su Aruba linux possibile ma con tanta fatica. Pero vale la pena. Se avete un account Aruba Winindows fate bene trasformalo ad Aruba Linux(costa 12 euro iva inclusa) per poter andare avanti. Il problema è sempre quello: Con Aruba Windows, niente CHMOD 755.
Se volete installareMovable Type, non dovete fare altro che seguire alcuni piccoli procedimenti: dovete prima di tutto scaricare dal sito Sixapart il software Movable Type Personal Free Edition cliccando sul prodotto in questione, More»

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