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Xmarks Tab Sync now opens Remote Tabs in any Web Browser

Xmarks recently started syncing open tabs across Firefox browsers – Internet Explorer and Chrome also have open-tab sync support. You can now re-open your remote tabs on any device with a web browser, like the iPhone or computer and in any web browser of your choice using Xmarks new web based feature.

To open your synced tabs remotely, launch your browser, log into your account at My Xmarks.com. On the iPhone, you’ll see something like this:

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Launchpad goes fully Open Source


The Canonical Launchpad team is happy to announce that Launchpad web application and website has been completely open sourced. All components of Launchpad including codehosting and soyuz, now have open codes. Launchpad that counts over 13,000 active projects was developed and maintained by Canonical Ltd. It is released under the GNU Affero General Public license, version 3. For more information on how to be part of it move the Launchpad Blog.

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BitLet – A Web-Based BitTorrent Client with Streaming Video Torrents

BitLet Web-Based BitTorrent Client

BitLet is a web-based BitTorrent client that makes BitTorrent available to the occasional user, and to those who can’t install a regular BitTorrent client like µTorrent or Transmission on their computers. No configuration is needed to use BitLet, just drop-in the URL of the torrent file and you’ll get a pop-up window that shows the download speed, download bar, number of seeders, and a download status led that signals potential problems. (see screenshot above). Anyway if you default settings are not OK for you, then go to BitLet Settings where you can modify BitLet’s incoming connection port and maximum upload rate. More»

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Add Official Google Buzz buttons for your Website [No hacks]

Official Google Buzz buttons

Google code has just made it easy for you to add official Google Buzz buttons on your websites without no hacks. ‘Post to Buzz’ and ‘Follow on Buzz’ can be added to your web pages by simply placing a customizable javascript in your HTML, PHP, etc web pages, where you want the buttons to show-up, then reload your web page to make sure youdid it correctly. Test by clicking to see the posting box your users will see.
Official Google Buzz buttons are available here; buzz.google.com/stuff. More»

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Sync UbuntuOne Contacts with your Mobile Phones

Funambol Mozilla Sync Client

Ubuntu One is testing a new feature that extends the existing Ubuntu One contacts synchronization capabilities to support mobile phones. Before, syncing your contacts via Ubuntu One was limited only to desktops – for example, you could view and edit your Evolution contacts via Ubuntu One. Now with the ‘Mobile Contacts Sync’ service paclass Ubuntu One subscribers can keep all of their contacts in sync no matter what device they are using – desktop, laptop, the cloud, and mobile phone. More»

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