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Default Applications in Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition

By • May 13th, 2010 • Filed under: Open-Source, Ubuntu

Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition might end up dropping brownish Firefox as default web browser for a lighter Chromium, the backbone of Google Chrome. This decision was taken at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Belgium. Chromium will certainly the pre-installed web browser atop Ubuntu Netbook Edition at least until Alpha 3, then its future will bedecided. […]

Sync UbuntuOne Contacts with your Mobile Phones

By • Apr 6th, 2010 • Filed under: Email, Open-Source, Ubuntu, Web Utilities, Windows

Ubuntu One is testing a new feature that extends the existing Ubuntu One contacts synchronization capabilities to support mobile phones. Before, syncing your contacts via Ubuntu One was limited only to desktops – for example, you could view and edit your Evolution contacts via Ubuntu One. Now with the ‘Mobile Contacts Sync’ service paclass Ubuntu […]

How to change your default applications (Mail Client) in a Gnome Desktop

By • Mar 27th, 2008 • Filed under: Email, Firefox, Linux Tips and Tricks, Ubuntu

The Gnome desktop comes with a couple of default applications like Evolution Mail, Rhythmbox Music Player, GNOME Terminal and others, but many users give-them-up for other “better” applications. In most cases the non expert Gnome user continues to maintain as default those applications they don’t even use. Examples of users with Evolution Mail as default […]