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Drag ‘n’ Drop images into Gmail Messages

By • May 12th, 2010 • Filed under: Email, Web Utilities

Gmail has launched a new feature that permits you to drag messages from your computer directly into a Gmail message. Drag, resize it if you want and send the image, so simple a process, no more dialogs to select images as an attachment. This features works only on the Google Chrome web browser, it will […]

Desktop Webmail Integrates Gmail, Hotmail, Zoho and Yahoo! with Ubuntu 10.04

By • Apr 15th, 2010 • Filed under: Email, Linux Tips and Tricks, Open-Source, Ubuntu

You’ve probably moved to Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, now beta 2, and already tweaking and personalizing your OS with necessary utilities. Now grab Desktop Webmail and gain quick access to your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and ZoHo e-mail accounts via its (Desktop Webmail’s) pop-up dialog (see screenshot above). After installing Desktop Webmail (sudo apt-get install desktop-webmail) […]

Integrate Gmail to your Linux Desktop with Gnome Gmail

By • Mar 17th, 2010 • Filed under: Linux Tips and Tricks, Open-Source, Ubuntu

On installing Gnome Gmail on your Ubuntu Desktop you get the option to set Gmail as your default mail reader in Preferred Applications. In other words, with Gnome Gmail, Gmail becomes an email desktop client like Thunderbird or Evolution. Its supports “To:”, “Subject:”, “body”, “CC:”, and “BCC: fields, so when you click on an email […]

[b²] Animated Gmail Notifier Based On Adobe AIR

By • Oct 13th, 2009 • Filed under: Email, Ubuntu, Video, Windows

[b²] Gmail Notifier is an Adobe AIR based application that alerts you of incoming Gmail messages with cool and funny splash animations. The notifier packs-up four different animations, you’ll find in them in the “Settings” dialog; Right-click on the Gmail icon on your notifications bar and hit “Options” -> Animations tab. It seems more animations […]

One Gmail Address for Multiple Twitter Accounts

By • Aug 27th, 2009 • Filed under: Email, Web Utilities

From 0 to 5 the Difficulty Level for completing this task is 0. It all boils down to dotting your Gmail username which is also your Gmail email address to trick Twitter. For Google these Gmail email addresses (for example) are the same, they belong and refer to the same person; yourusername@gmail.com, your.username@gmail.com, or your.user.name@gmail.com.