Free Software Foundation: Trash Windows 7

“The new version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, Windows 7, has the same problem that Vista, XP, and all previous versions have had -- it’s proprietary software. Users are not permitted to share or modify the Windows software, or examine how it works inside.” says Windows 7 Sins, the web site set-up by the Free Software Foundation – FSF to wage a fight against Microsoft’s predominant role in the OS world.

Well, this blog: Kabatology ~ Open Source, Linux wholeheartedly supports the campaign. Certainly many readers will be asking what makes Free software so different from Proprietary software. Well, I have for you the Digsby example. In the post Digsby Joins the Dark Sclasse, Uses Your PC to Make Money, Lifehacker explains how the instant messenger client Digsby “not only bundles half a dozen optional crapware applications” into your system but how it’s also “using your computer to crawl the web, do stock market research”.

That Lifehacker post ends with “Stick with Open Source: The only way you are definitely going to avoid greedy software developers exploiting you is to stick with open source, make sure to donate to your favourite open source projects, and stop installing software with bundled crapware.”

Well the Digsby case is quite unique, it’s not the case with Windows, but they are quite close.

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Free Ways to approach Ubuntu from Windows

For Windows Users: Apart the rhetoric that Linux is not Windows, how can one gradually get used to this different way of conceiving an operating system? Ubuntu has many killer applications Windows users can benefit from. If you’re stuck in your Windows sphere and do not intend moving out – no problem, it is understandable, but you can still improve your productivity by running Ubuntu and many of its indispensable applications on your Windows OS. This is how; More»

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Burrrn your Audio CDs and Cue sheets with a Portable CD Burrrner

Windows-only: Burrrn is a light-weight CD only burning application that installs without writing to your registry. This makes Burrrn very portable. It is enough to unpack it to get started, you can then copy it into your external had disk or Pen Drive. More»

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PC Login Now – The Fastest Windows Password Recovery Tool

PC Login Now

If you urgently want to regain access to your PC but can’t remember your password, then this freeware is for you. If you want to steal your way into a colleagues, girlfriend or brothers PC, then think twice before using this password recovery tool. Why? Because PC Login Now does not recover your lost password, it erases it; in other words it gives you a “blank password”. Meaning, after rebooting you’ll have direct access to your PC, be it Windows Vista, Windows XP/XP with SP2, Windows 2003 server or Windows 2000/NT – But your colleagues will notice the complete absence of a password and you’ll find yourself in trouble. In this case, use Opchrack Live Cd. More»

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Digitally Sign your Documents with

The Suite (Database, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Word Processor) also includes a tool for Digital Signatures.
Before you enable the digital signatures feature in (recommended by Sun Microsystems), you must obtain a digital certificate and install it on your machine. A digital certificate is a password-protected file that includes a variety of information,including the name and email address of the certificate owner, encryption key, issuing authority, and expiration period. Digital certificates are normally issued by so-called certificate authorities. More»

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