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Sun Microsystems acquires MySQL for one billion dollars


Sun Microsystems confirms that it would be buying MySQL AB the firm that sells the worlds fastest growing open source database for about $ 1 billion. I’ve been using Mysql for about six years now and the idea that it is moving over sounds strange. I can hide my mix-fillings on this; anxiety and disbelief. Anyway in the real world never say never. I hope Sun Microsystems would follow the tradition and keep this icon Open Source and free.
More on [MySQL blog]

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Archives/Directories for Open Source Applications


The GnomeFiles is a open source directory for Gnome/GTK+ applications. You can read a brief review of the software you’re interested in and also rate it – according to how useful you found it. There is no direct download, but a link that targets the download page of the application; many of these links point naturally to To submit an application you must be the proprietor or developer -so if you want an application to be listed but you are not the owner then find out who compiled it and email-ask them to submit the application.

Open Source Living is a collection of the so called best open source applications on the web – where best should mean most used or popular applications. Software is divided into various categories such as Web++, Graphics & Photo, Video and more for a better research. If you have any interesting open source application to propose then you can do so on the site’s submit page. is another worth mentioning open source/freeware archive. If you love to try new applications like myself – maybe because you’ll like to blog about it, then this repository is for you. All the applications I’ve downloaded from this site are freeware with the GPL license and are made by “young” developers. Rate these applications if you have time so that others can benefit from it. I personally find it a more interesting project than the other two directories mentioned above.

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Sergey talks about the Android Platform on this Video

Android - Gphone

After much talk about the Gphone, Google’s Engineering Director, Steve Horowitz says “there is actually no Gphone” instead there is the so-called Android platform that would permit thousands of people to create Gphones. On this video Steve together with Sergey Brin talk about the availability of the SDK(now available for download), Open Source and the demo applications on the Android platform. More»

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Get used to the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3

Free Software Foundation

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today published the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (GNU AGPLv3). The license based on version 3 of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPLv3) has an additional term to allow users who interact with the licensed software over a network to receive the source for that program. By publishing this license, the FSF aims to foster user and development communities around network-oriented free software.
Taken via [ Linux Magazine ] and [ Free Software Foundation ]

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Miro the free and Open Source alternative to Joost


The version 1.0 of the application formerly know as Democracy player has been released. The new-born, bug fixed Miro is an improved open source video player that sets as its major objective – be better to Joost.
Miro is DRM-free and friendly to all content creators. It connects to all the popular video sharing sites like YouTube and and has high definitions, full of content video.
Miro could be used to search and download video from the internet regardless of whether they are professionally produced or user-generated. It downloads via HTTP or BitTorrent. If you are rather interested in streaming video, it converts into download streaming video from sites like Youtube and DailyMotion. More»

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