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StumbleUpon Toolbar gets Web Page Sharing across Twitter and Facebook via Su.pr

By • Sep 28th, 2009 • Filed under: Firefox, Ubuntu, Web Utilities, Windows

“I already have the Stumble toolbar installed. Just give me a button to send to Su.pr so I can submit it to Twitter without another bookmarklet”. That’s exactly what a StumbleUpon user asked for a while ago in the Su.pr Suggestions Feedback Forum. Now the StumbleUpon team has made it possible to post a web […]

Firefox: Seamlessly Update your Twitter Status and Get Updates with Echofon (TwitterFox) Add-on

By • Sep 23rd, 2009 • Filed under: Firefox, Open-Source, Ubuntu, Windows

Why use another Twitter application when the Twitter teams keeps rolling out design tweaks for its web version? I no longer find it necessary to get a “”full fleshed” and often bulky Twitter application with all the new features the web browser version offers. Twitter fans who use the web browsers for tweeting like Firefox […]

Twitter Adds Design Tweaks to the Web Browser Version

By • Sep 18th, 2009 • Filed under: Browsers, Firefox, Web Utilities

Twitter adds power to your web browser by rolling out new design tweaks to the web browser that are quickly noticeable when you go to a user’s profile page. Formerly the ‘Follow’ button was the only option under the username, but now there is a newly designed follow button, and close to it there is […]

Get RSS and Twitter Updates on Your Monitor with FeedRoller

By • Sep 4th, 2009 • Filed under: Freeware, Windows

Windows only: FeedRoller does what it says, it places at the top of your monitor your RSS feeds and Twitter Updates. On my 24″ LCD Monitor it’s almost perfect, but my 17-inch laptop monitor is just too small, I can’t let FeedRoller’s black background banner eat up more space.

One Gmail Address for Multiple Twitter Accounts

By • Aug 27th, 2009 • Filed under: Email, Web Utilities

From 0 to 5 the Difficulty Level for completing this task is 0. It all boils down to dotting your Gmail username which is also your Gmail email address to trick Twitter. For Google these Gmail email addresses (for example) are the same, they belong and refer to the same person; yourusername@gmail.com, your.username@gmail.com, or your.user.name@gmail.com.